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Frankenstein Castle and its history

Mühltal, Burg Frankenstein

Are you enthusiastic about the stories of Frankenstein Castle? Are past cultures and exciting stories close to your heart? Would you like to expand your knowledge of  Frankenstein Castle?

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Schloss Heiligenberg

Seeheim-Jugenheim, Schloss Heiligenberg

European politics and diplomacy once took place at Heiligenberg Castle. On this guided tour, listen to the centuries-old history of the Heiligenberg.

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Messel Pit hike

Messel, Roßdörfer Str. 108

During the 2-hour hike to the bottom of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will learn all the details of the origin and significance of the fossil site, which is unique in the world.

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Messel Pit UNESCO World Heritage Site - familiarisation tour

Messel, Roßdörfer Str. 108

On the short tour to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Messel Pit, you will get an insight into the fossil site. You can feel the force of the volcanic eruption 48 million years ago.

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Messel Pit visitor centre

Messel, Roßdörfer Str. 108

The "Time and Messel Worlds" visitor center impressively tells the history and significance of Germany‘s first UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Gross-Umstadt old town

Groß-Umstadt, Markt

Let us show you the five castles, the Renaissance town hall and some lesser-known places in Groß-Umstadt!

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Llama trekking in Seeheim on the Bergstrasse

Seeheim-Jugenheim, In der Grube 6

Hans-Theo Gümbel from the Ober-Beerbach district offers great tours with llamas and alpacas. Young and old alike will find a unique experience with the best relaxation factor in these animal-friendly activities. Because the calm and serenity of the four-legged friends from South America is contagious in the best sense of the word.

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Nightwatchman‘s tour of Groß-Umstadt

Groß-Umstadt, Obere Marktstr.

The night watchman from Groß-Umstadt offers a different kind of city tour with his exciting stories.

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Lichtenberg Castle with museum and ramparts

Fischbachtal, Landgraf-Georg-Straße

Visit a fortress that has never been conquered!

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Is it the historical roots that make Dieburg so interesting?

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Verkostung in der Bachgau Destille

Schaafheim, Ringstraße 64

Eine Führung durch die Destille und die Verkostung von Bränden oder Likören versprechen Wissenswertes und Genuss zugleich.

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Weinbergtouren mit dem Weingut Brücke-Ohl

Groß-Umstadt, Georg-August-Zinn-Straße 23

Wir sind ein familiengeführter Betrieb und eines der ältesten Weingüter in Groß-Umstadt. Unsere Weinberge pflegen wir in den Lagen Herrnberg, Stachelberg und Steingerück. Genießen Sie den Wein dort, wo er angebaut wird. 

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Weinprobe auf dem Weingut Edling

Roßdorf, Kirchgasse 9

Bei uns haben Sie die Wahl zwischen vielen Veranstaltungen und unterschiedlichen Weinproben.

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Weinprobe bei der Odenwälder Winzergenossenschaft

Groß-Umstadt, Riegelgartenweg 1

Auf der Odenwälder Weininsel können Weinproben ganz individuell gestaltet werden.